About Us


With our vast array of experience spanning 25+ years in the field of Interior Design – in both Surat and in Dubai, Vinay Interiors is set up to cater to the growing demand for high-end luxurious interior design for your residences, as well as to build your Dream Workplace.

Add to this the well-equipped and enthusiastic team who complement the vision of the firm and are ever-ready to implement and carry out innovative and aesthetically pleasing design.

Our strong combination of Engineers and Designers ensure a smooth and efficient design development and design supervision process for our esteemed clients.

Right from the site survey, till the completion of the project, the team ensures that all design elements are exhaustively detailed and provided to the client’s team for error-free and clean execution on site.

Regular and strict site supervision enables the successful completion of the project.

Please get in touch to help us design your dream space.